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Discover How Our Training Method Will Change How You Learn Complex Design Software


I am Rick Feineis, the proprietor of CAD Training Online. For over 35 years, I’ve trained more than 10,000 individuals globally. In that time, I’ve crafted a method recognized industry-wide as the premier approach to learning complex CAD and BIM software online.

The methodology I’ve developed marks a significant shift from traditional experiences. The most challenging aspect of my role is helping people grasp the importance of this learning process. I earnestly wish for the opportunity to demonstrate that this method is unparalleled for mastering complex CAD and BIM software.

Many have encountered e-learning formats where the student passively views videos without the ability to inquire further. Others may have participated in webinars that are merely a series of PowerPoint presentations and extensive software demos.

These passive forms of training do not lend themselves to hands-on practice or interaction with a CERTIFIED AUTODESK INSTRUCTOR.

For training on complex CAD software, these forms of training are mediocre at best.


Once in the virtual CAD classroom, the instructor can see each student’s computer in real-time and the student can see the instructor’s computer screen at all times.

When the student is in need of direct assistance the instructor can IMMEDIATELY take control of the student’s computer and directly show the student how to solve the problem. The instructor can even share a student’s computer with the entire class so that everyone can learn from what someone else has discovered.

Our proprietary online instructor-led classroom process allows us to recreate the hand-holding approach that we all crave in a real classroom. This is not online training where you just watch what the instructor does. This is 100% interactive, hands-on training that will help you reach your training goals.

I personally guarantee that this method of training will work for you or you will have your registration fees refunded.


Elevate Your Design Skills with CAD Training Online’s Unmatched Instructor-Led Training

In the realm of software mastery, the difference between mediocre and exceptional training can define your professional trajectory. At CAD Training Online, we don’t just teach; we transform the way you learn. Our live, instructor-led training is a beacon of excellence in a sea of uninspiring video tutorials.

Why Choose Us?

  • Engagement Over Observation: Forget the passive learning from stale videos. Our classes thrive on 100% live interaction, ensuring every question sparks a solution.
  • Personalized Support: With an impressive 4:1 student-to-teacher ratio, our Certified Autodesk Instructors are your personal mentors, providing undivided attention and tailored guidance.
  • Real-Time Problem-Solving: Stuck on a complex challenge? Our instructors dive into your digital workspace, offering immediate and effective hands-on assistance.

The CAD Training Online Advantage:

  • Significant Cost Savings: Embrace the financial relief of online training. Save over $1,000 per student—no travel, no hassle, just pure learning.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Juggle work and learning with ease. Our flexible scheduling means you can split classes to suit your pace, without ever leaving your desk.
  • Enhanced Retention: Our unique class structure is designed for maximum knowledge retention, ensuring you leave not just trained, but truly enlightened.

Our Promise to You: As the owner and senior instructor, I stand by our training methodology. It’s not just a course; it’s a commitment to your growth as a designer. Join us and become part of a community that values personal connection, interactive learning, and real-world application.

Take the Leap with CAD Training Online: Don’t settle for less. Choose the path that leads to mastery. Enroll with us and experience the pinnacle of CAD and BIM software training.

I personally guarantee that this will be one of the best investments you can make regarding your professional training. – Rick Feineis

Fortunes are NOT made in the boom times…
That is merely the collection period.
Fortunes are made in depressions or lean times when the wise person overhauls his mind, his methods, his resources and gets in training for the race to come.”
George Wood Bacon
YouTube video
YouTube video
Yanky Nussenzweig

Rick Feines at CAD Training Online is THE best instructor I’ve ever come to know! Rick has a keen eye on his students, noticing quickly each student’s strengths and goals they want to achieve, he’ll guide them towards that direction…read more

Amy Peugh – Revit Residential Architecture

Rick was an absolute joy to work with. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to learn from. Throughout the course, he was able to help me quickly master basic commands as well as get me comfortable with more advanced features…read more

Amy Peugh
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YouTube video
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