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Fortunes are NOT made in the boom times… That is merely the collection period.

Fortunes are made in depressions or lean times when the wise man overhauls his mind, his methods, his resources and gets in training for the race to come.”

George Wood Bacon

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This was a great course! I have recommended it to my coworkers and plan on taking the MEP Revit course in the future.

Ranim Shaar

I was hesitant of having an online training course, but this Revit course I’ve had with CAD Training Online cleared away all my hesitation and I’m extremely satisfied with this experience. Rick Feineis is a great instructor. He was very helpful and customized the course to fit my schedule and needs. His knowledge and experience in CAD and BIM programs and in training made the course easy, comprehensible and interesting. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Revit remotely.

Ranim Shaar

I’m extremely skeptical when it comes to using services online. So, when I found Rick at we had our doubts about using their services. I searched high and low for a company that could meet my needs.

Let me be the first to say, I was completely and utterly wrong in being skeptical.

Rick is amazing and helped bring my CAD experience to a new level. I’ve taken AutoCAD courses at local colleges and needed more one on one to further understand the CAD process for my field. Rick went above and beyond my expectations. He is a Master of Technology and efficient. He breaks things down in laymen terms and leaves you with examples that stick. He explains technology in such a way that makes learning simple and easy. Even since taking the course, contacting Rick in a pinch has been nothing short of amazing. He returns my message that day and helps resolve the issues in a timely manner.

I highly recommend using for any of your technology needs. Thank you, Rick!

Kevin Purnell II

Class was fast paced but learned an incredible amount of information that can be used going forward. Class was finished on 6/8 and have started being able to update pain points in drawings I use on a regular basis as well have been able to branch out and work on drawings that are not just in my specialty of electrical.

Kyle Wood

“This was the best training experience that I have had during my long professional career. The personal attention to my training, questions and methods in the e-learning format was just perfect. This e-training session is head and shoulders above any others, no question, not doubt. My professional abilities have increased geometrically from the level at which I began the Revit Architecture e-training session.”

Hank Heidt
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