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Fortunes are NOT made in the boom times…

That is merely the collection period.

Fortunes are made in depressions or lean times when the wise man overhauls his mind, his methods, his resources and gets in training for the race to come.”

George Wood Bacon

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Rick Feineis at Revit Architecture Training taught to me a one-on-one 32-hour course in the fundamentals of Revit remotely over the internet, on a schedule that was very accommodating to my needs. The study materials he provided were thorough, covering organizing and managing new Revit projects, design, and documentation, and Rick customized the course to account for my experience with CAD and with large design and construction projects. I will recommend the course to my future employers!

Paul De Voe
Silene Verrall

What a great way to learn AutoCAD…customized to my busy schedule and from the comfort of my own computer! Rick Feineis was a wonderful instructor. He took all of my input on what I needed/wanted to learn, in order to use AutoCAD in my workplace, and put together a very tailored course, just for me. All of the instruction was very well explained and easy to understand. He was very patient and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend CAD Training Online’s AutoCAD training for Interior Designers to anyone!

Silene Verrall

I was a little concerned at first with taking an online course but after meeting with Rick online, any concerns I had quickly diminished. Rick was very patient and the fact that he could mirror my screen and show me step by step methods real time was fantastic.

Rick was very thorough and informative. I learned more in the 24 hours then I would have in a very long time trying to learn the program my myself. I would highly recommend and have recommended his course to others.

Scott Devney
Benida Kraja

The lectures were very clear and the information explained was the essential needed one. I learned not only the basics of Autodesk Revit but also how to organize my work inside the program, which for my future projects is going to be very valuable.

Benida Kraja

Rick is an excellent instructor. The material was presented in such a way as to keep you at ease and at the same time focused. Nice blend of humor and education simultaneously.

When I began the course I could not even draw a line by the use of AutoCAD. I now possess a good base starting point within the AutoCAD world. I would highly recommend this or any other course through Rick Feineis and his company. Good job!

Jeff Wirth
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