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Fortunes are NOT made in the boom times…

That is merely the collection period.

Fortunes are made in depressions or lean times when the wise man overhauls his mind, his methods, his resources and gets in training for the race to come.”

George Wood Bacon

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Great first class! Loved that we could openly communicate and speak up and ask questions when needed. Thorough explanations and examples and easy to follow.

Greg Salach

I have tried learning AutoCAD on my own but it was a daunting task and always ended giving up because I got frustrated. Rick made the AutoCAD Online course fun and interesting. After completing the course I can do a lot and because Rick puts so much emphasis on examples I have retained the information.

I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn AutoCAD.

Greg Salach

I really enjoyed the course and Rick Feineis the trainer. The software he used was extremely helpful in learning from home. He was attentive and helped me as needed.


Excellent course with a fabulous instructor.


My recent AutoCAD Map 3D tutorial taught by Alex Penney proved to be exactly as advertised. Alex is an excellent instructor. His text and presentation are well thought out with clear instructions for each chapter and exercise. Alex’s knowledge of GIS is impressive, yet he was very patient in answering my basic questions. I highly recommend the course as an excellent return on investment. I expect my new skills will change the course my of career in site planning and development.

Steve Scudder
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