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SELF PACED TRAINING - $395 or $525

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SELF PACED TRAINING - $395 or $525

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AutoCAD MEP Training


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AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD Architecture Class – Introduction

Self-Paced Training -      $395 or $525

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I was thrilled with how easy to learn it was even though our instructor was hundreds of miles away behind another computer.


“This introductory course was one of the best investments I’ve made in my career.  I began with a long-held bias toward pencil and paper and a generational fear of computers.  After the first 4 hours with Rick, my eyes were opened to the advantages of working with Revit Architecture as a tool for interior designers.  I am a convert to the new technology and am looking forward to honing my Revit skills.”


Rick was a fantastic instructor. I really enjoyed the course.


Rick did a really great job, and I learned so much. He gave a lot of good additional resources as well.


Rick was a phenomenal instructor and very motivating.


Rick did an amazing job of taking a person, who had no knowledge of Revit, and making the information practical and understandable so that I could feel able to learn and be successful. Thank you!


Best class and instructor I have ever had in my life!


I was hesitant of having an online training course, but this Revit course I’ve had with CAD Training Online cleared away all my hesitation and I’m extremely satisfied with this experience. Rick Feineis is a great instructor. He was very helpful and customized the course to fit my schedule and needs. His knowledge and experience in CAD and BIM programs and in training made the course easy, comprehensible and interesting. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Revit remotely.

Ranim Shaar

I also learned Revit Architecture through Rick Feineis. He tailored the course to my current knowledge of AutoCAD and 3DSmax. The course covered everything from drafting in Revit, creating a complete 3D project which pulling views for elevations, sections, plans, details and 3D views was extremely simple.Ricks style of training via a remote desktop session allowed me to easily do the course from my hotel room and easily pick up the skills and information I needed. I highly recommend it!

Jeff Schulte

This course with CTO and our instructor, Rick, were fantastic.

I feel capable and prepared to continue my education and also thankful that I have created lifelong relationships within this program that will help me continue in my education and career.

Super thankful for this opportunity!


Revit Architecture Training

Online Instructor Led and Self Paced BIM Training for Busy Professionals

Staying ahead of the crowd is a crucial part of beginning a career in design. Receiving the right training and licensure will set you apart from the rest, and employers only want people they can trust with future projects. Revit is a design software used by architects, engineers, and interior designers to draw, map, and collaborate with other design teams. Ever since Revit merged with Autodesk in 2002, the design industry has used both programs to effectively plan construction projects.

Revit certification requires more than Youtube videos. Students that enroll in CAD Training Online will receive support, advice, and access to software. Our certified instructors have real-world experience, and they believe the best way to learn Revit is through watching, discussing and doing. During the class session, students will view the instructor’s screen so they know exactly how to navigate and operate Revit. When the students create in Revit, the instructor is watching all of the student’s screens at the same time, while making suggestions, and giving feedback

Erika Mondandon

Erika Mondandon

I really enjoyed my training!
The instructor was always checking for understanding and I am sure I learned all the tools I needed to use the program.
The program will make a difference in my life!

To enroll in a Revit class today, visit our online contact page. We offer dozens of other classes for industries that also require design specialists. Upon receiving a certificate of completion, each students’ name will be entered into a database that contractors and employers use to find designers for their projects. Enroll today to advance your career and build your professional portfolio.

What is Revit?

Revit and AutoCAD are software programs used to create 2D and 3D plans, construction documents, and rendered images. Although they have many differences, both are generally used in the design and construction industries. Architects use Revit to design homes, commercial buildings and landscapes. They also use AutoCAD to present plans to city zoning boards and contractors.

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Interior designers use Revit to design 3D layouts that include both the geometric and non-geometric information, such as models that include plans, cost schedules, and notes to management. Although most designers use both AutoCAD and Revit, Revit is an intelligent 3D design software and AutoCAD is widely used to draw precise lines such as elevation details.

Those certified in Revit and other Autodesk software will have an easier time breaking into a competitive industry.

Reach Career Goals With Revit Training

In the design and construction industry, competition is fierce. Staying ahead of the rest is crucial to progressing your career. Learn Revit with a certified professional with over 30 years of real-world experience. CAD Training Online will not only give you valuable design skills, but it will also improve your job prospects and security. Upon completion of Revit training, your name will be entered into a database that future employers and clients can access. You will be a part of a community of professionals that values Revit-certified designers.

Revit Architecture Classes for All Skill Levels

Whether you are a veteran architect or looking to break into the industry, CAD Training Online has a class for you. With beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes, we offer Autodesk training for designers and contractors of all types. The online learning environment provides flexibility for working professionals and those who want to learn at their own pace. Check out our training programs for more information on our instructor-led and self-paced Revit architecture classes.

What Is the Best Way to Learn Revit?

The numerous amounts of online tools and free videos make it easy to learn the basics of any software. However, learning a technical skill in advanced design software takes more than just Youtube videos. Employers and contractors use the Autodesk database to find qualified designers to take on their projects, and they require legitimate certification. CAD Training Online provides emerging professionals and seasoned designers with updated information on the latest design technology.

For years, CAD Training Online has provided students of all skill-sets with the best way to learn Revit. Our instructor-led classes provide hands-on training to for those who learn best by watching, discussing and then doing each assignment under the supervision of an instructor. Students of instructor-led classes should plan out a time each day to work on their Autodesk assignments so that they can stay on track with the class. Our Autodesk professionals have over 30 years of professional experience, and they will give you practical advice on how to build your portfolio and impress future employers.

How to Prepare for the Revit Architecture Professional Exam

To become a certified Revit architecture professional, students must first pass a 35-question exam. The test covers important topics such as collaboration, documentation, modeling and views. Since each of our instructors has already passed the exam and worked as professional designers, they will give you real-life instruction that you will be able to apply during the exam and in future design projects.

Competition for designers is fierce, and passing the professional exam is the first step towards a lucrative career. Employers are looking for well-qualified, ambitious designers who know how to collaborate and carry out specific design instructions. Working with an Autodesk-certified instructor will allow you to gain an industry-recognized credential that will further your career.

How to Master Revit Software

Study, instruction, and practice are required to master Revit software. CAD Online Training courses provide students with materials to study and apply each design application. We believe that students learn best by watching the instructor, asking questions, discussing difficult concepts with the class, and then performing on their own. Upon enrolling in a Revit course, students can receive software which they can use to master Revit.

Advance Your Career with CAD Training Online

After successfully completing Revit architecture training, graduates will be entered into a database that contractors use to find designers for specific projects. Those breaking into a career in design or architecture can advance their career by having an extensive portfolio to show future employers. Enroll in CAD Training Online today to take the first steps toward a thriving career.

Revit MEP Training

Revit software is used by mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) to design complex building systems. Revit students have the option of enrolling in instructor-led courses or maximizing their flexibility with our award-winning self-paced classes. Regardless of the method of instruction, CAD Training Online is committed to preparing students to enter the workforce and help current designers learn new skills.

Instructor-led classes are for students who have time in their schedule to virtually attend classes and complete daily assignments. An instructor will give live classes and provide instant feedback on your projects. Also, students will have the opportunity to discuss and collaborate with other people in the same class.

Self-paced classes are for those who want to learn Revit at their own pace. Although self-paced classes don’t include instructor interaction, students will still be able to request live support whenever necessary. Self-paced classes require more self-discipline because they will have to take the same certification test as those who were taught by an instructor. Check out what previous students are saying about CAD Training Online

Enroll Today in CTO Award-Winning Classes

Visit our website to browse our catalog of classes enroll today to begin furthering your career. No matter your learning style, we will help you reach your career goals.

CAD Training Online provides both instructor-led and self-paced training to busy people like yourself.

Complex design software tools like Revit, Revit MEP and Navisworks all make your life easier and having these skills is mandatory when you are looking for a job. Wasting time is frustrating and who has the time for that?

We get it… You can’t learn to use these tools by simply watching unprofessional videos on YouTube and you want to ensure that you don’t waste your time or your money.

This is why we have developed what many consider to be the finest training available. You don’t have to believe us, read what our students have to say. “Simply the best money I have ever spent on myself.”Read more testimonials

Watch to learn how thousands of students have met their training goals…

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