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Rick Feines at CAD Training Online is THE best instructor I’ve ever come to know! Rick has a keen eye on his students, noticing quickly each student’s strengths and goals they want to achieve, he’ll guide them towards that direction & make sure they succeed!

These classes aren’t just Revit or AutoCAD, it’s the full field in and around it. At the end of the class, he provides you with tons of component families, downloads & additional educational videos, etc, He’ll also guide you through what apps, software & services are best for business in general besides all-inclusive to architecture & design of course.

Rick constantly reached out to me on my progress, answering questions with clarity and created video’s exclusively answering to issues I’ve bumped into, as well as even doing a private Live short class – out of class – to explain something that was rather complicated to me :)

Ultimately, I couldn’t have been more satisfied with taking this class!

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