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Maintaining a leading edge during tough economic times is a challenge faced when keeping business ahead of the competition. It is known that training is critical to honing skills and increasing productivity, yet during tough times people often do not attend professionally led training due to the high cost of travel and time away from being productive in the office. To address this hurdle, CAD Training Online has brought instructor led classroom training to right to your desktop.


CAD Training Online provides instructor led online training on the use of all Autodesk software to designers around the world. Our training curriculum is specially developed and is certified by Autodesk.


Don't take our word for it, read what one of our students has to say about her experience with our special form of training, "This introductory course was one of the best investments I've made in my career.  I began with a long-held bias toward pencil and paper and a generational fear of computers.  After the first 4 hours with Rick, my eyes were opened to the advantages of working with Revit Architecture as a tool for interior designers.  I am a convert to the new technology and am looking forward to honing my Revit skills." -  Pam Pollack - CATBIRD Designs






Everyone has participated in some form of e-learning where one simply watches a video and can't ask any questions that come up. Or perhaps have had to attend a training Webinar that consists of nothing more than PowerPoint slides and lengthy software demonstrations. These passive forms of training do not lend themselves to hands on practice or interaction with a professional CAD educator. For training on complex CAD software, these forms of training are mediocre at best.


When attending the CAD Training Online's classes each student is provided with everything needed to participate in class. The AutoCAD or Revit software is available for each student to use.


All required courseware is shipped directly to the student's office. Once in the virtual CAD classroom the instructor can see each student's computer in real time and the student can see the instructor's computer at all times. When the student is in need of direct assistance the instructor can take control of the student's computer and directly show the student how to solve the problem. The instructor can even share a student's computer with the entire class so that everyone can learn from what someone else has discovered. Toll free conference calls allow for the audio portion of the training. This is just like being in a live classroom except that you didn't have to leave your home or office.


It is widely known that the impact and benefits of properly conducted instructor-led training far outweighs any other form of software training. Watching boring training videos can't help when someone has questions that are not covered in the video. Only live instructor-led training allows for 100% teacher/student interaction. CAD Training Online classes typically have a student to teacher ratio of only 4 to 1, ensuring the attention and hand holding that is expected from a professionally conducted instructor led class.


The primary benefit to Live Online Virtual Classroom Training is cost savings. During our current economic environment we have watched this form of training grow to represent over 90% of our offered training services. This method of instruction does not require any travel at all. The cost savings per student for a typical four day training class exceeds $1,000 when taken into account travel, lodging and meal expenses.


Not having to travel has several benefits beyond simple cost savings:

  • Students who do not have to travel from the office are more apt to be able to take care of business during class breaks. In addition, not having to travel means that multi-day classes do not have to be run consecutively day after day. Eliminating travel allows to split multi-day classes up anyway we need to. Want to train only on Wednesdays? How about Tuesday and Thursday nights? CAD Training Online can create a custom schedule to match anyone's needs.

  • Think of the carbon footprint that is left behind when one has to drive or fly to a training class. Eliminating travel almost completely eliminates this impact.


As the owner and senior instructor of CAD Training Online I welcome you to experience training as it was meant to be: personal, compassionate to your learning style and directly applicable to the needs of an interior designer. Please join me and the other passionate designers that attend our classes.


I personally guarantee that this will be one of the best investments you can make regarding your professional training. - Rick Feineis


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