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Texas Christian University

TCU recently approached CAD Training Online to provide much-needed Revit training to our entire Interior Design faculty. Texas Christian University faculty enthusiastically agree that Rick’s approach to software training is the most effective we have ever experienced. Much more efficient than an instructor physically present, Rick’s remote training involves teaching and showing every step of the process on each trainee’s desktop in real-time. The brilliance of this approach is that Rick is in the computer with you every step of the way! Once you experience this training method you will never go back!

Amy Roehl, Interior Design Program Director, Texas Christian University





This class can be attended in either an 8 hour / 2 day format or a 4 hour / 4 day format.

See schedules below…




  • May 4, 5 – 8 hours per day
  • May 18, 19 – 8 hours per day
  • May 28, 29 – 8 hours per day
  • June 1, 2 – 8 hours per day
  • June 15, 16 – 8 hours per day
  • June 29, 30 – 8 hours per day
  • July 6, 7 – 8 hours per day
  • July 20, 21 – 8 hours per day
  • August 3, 4 – 8 hours per day
  • August 17, 18 – 8 hours per day
  • August 24, 25 – 8 hours per day



  • May 4, 5, 6, 7 – 4 hours per day
  • May 18, 19, 20, 21 – 4 hours per day
  • May 26, 27, 28, 29 – 4 hours per day
  • June 1, 2, 3, 4 – 4 hours per day
  • June 15, 16, 17, 18 – 4 hours per day
  • June 29, 30, July 1, 2 – 4 hours per day
  • July 6, 7, 8, 9 – 4 hours per day
  • July 20, 21, 22, 23 – 4 hours per day
  • August 3, 4, 5, 6 – 4 hours per day
  • August 17, 18, 19, 20 – 4 hours per day
  • August 24, 25, 26, 27 – 4 hours per day




Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an approach to the entire building life cycle. Revit Architecture is a powerful BIM program that supports the ability to coordinate, update, and share design data with team members throughout the design, construction, and management phases of a building’s life. A key component in managing the BIM process is to establish a company foundation for different types of projects by creating standard templates and custom elements. Having this in place makes the process of any new project flow smoothly and efficiently.



The objective of the Revit Architecture BIM Management course is to enable students who have worked with Revit to expand their knowledge in setting up office standards with templates that include annotation styles, preset views, sheets, and schedules, as well as creating custom element types and families.



Students should be comfortable with the fundamentals of Revit as taught in the Introduction to Revit Architecture course. Knowledge of basic techniques is assumed, such as creating walls, roofs, and other objects, copying and moving objects, and creating and working with views, etc



Creating Custom Revit Templates

  • Preparing Revit Project Templates
  • Customizing Annotation Styles
  • Creating Title Blocks
  • Creating Object Styles
  • Materials and Fill Patterns

Revit Schedules

  • Creating Schedules
  • Graphical Column Schedules
  • Advanced Schedule Options
  • Creating Material Takeoff Schedules

Custom Walls, Roofs and Sections in Revit

  • Creating Wall, Roof and Floor Types
  • Adding Sweeps to Wall, Roofs and Floors
  • Vertically Compound Walls
  • Vertically Stacked Walls

Revit Family Concepts and Techniques

  • Introduction to Revit Families
  • Creating the Parametric Framework
  • Creating Family Elements
  • Additional Tools for Families
  • Creating Family Types
  • Visibility Display Settings

Overview of Revit Family Creation

  • Creating Specific Revit Families
  • Creating Custom Doors and Windows
  • Creating In-Place Families
  • Creating Profiles
  • Creating Angled Cornices and Copings
  • Creating Custom Railings
  • Revit Families for Railings, Balusters and Panels
  • Creating Revit Annotation Families
  • Working with Shared Parameters

Our Revit online training programs are ideal for:

  • Beginners looking to explore new career options in the building industry.
  • Intermediate-level users looking to improve their current skills and portfolio.
  • AutoCAD users looking to learn Revit for current or future job requirements.
  • Those who are looking to prepare for Autodesk Certification.

Participants learn the software by working on real world projects while creating high-quality construction documents and renderings for client presentations using the features included within Autodesk REVIT Architecture software.

AIA Continuing Education CAD


Our training courses are AIA / CES registered so you can use them for your required continuing education needs. Each class comes with an official Autodesk Training Center certificate of completion that you use to self report your training to your governing body.

Chelsea Gordon

Thanks to you I showed one coworker my Revit rendering with my Google Cardboard glasses and ended up in the President's office showing him. They all think I'm a genius & it's because of you!

Chelsea Gordon
Ranim Shaar

I was hesitant of having an online training course, but this Revit course I've had with CAD Training Online cleared away all my hesitation and I'm extremely satisfied with this experience. Rick Feineis is a great instructor. He was very helpful and customized the course to fit my schedule and needs. His knowledge and experience in CAD and BIM programs and in training made the course easy, comprehensible and interesting. I highly recommend this course…read more

Ranim Shaar
Ricardo Torres

Rick Feineis is a real-world oriented IT expert, business consultant and entrepreneur. With his very practical advice, I have realized about many things I need to prioritize in order for me to leverage my potential as a business person and architect. Moreover, his expertise in BIM management has significantly broadened my horizon regarding purpose-built software such as Revit. Looking for a BIM Manager expert to help you to improve your business productivity? Rick Feineis is…read more

Ricardo Torres
Irina Scherb

Dear Interior Designers, forget about AutoCAD and try Revit. Using this program you will save a lot of time and the end result will be great!

Irina Scherb
Jeff Schulte

I also learned Revit Architecture through Rick Feineis. He tailored the course to my current knowledge of AutoCAD and 3DSmax. The course covered everything from drafting in Revit, creating a complete 3D project which pulling views for elevations, sections, plans, details and 3D views was extremely simple.Ricks style of training via a remote desktop session allowed me to easily do the course from my hotel room and easily pick up the skills and information I…read more

Jeff Schulte
Martin Castellan

As a real estate developer with limited working knowledge of AutoCAD, I was interested in having more input in the design stage of the projects. I had heard about Revit and all it could do, and was a little intimidated knowing the learning curve I would face with AutoCAD alone. As it turned out, taking the online training course in Revit was a great surprise. The program is extremely intuitive, and backed up with the…read more

Martin Castellan
Randall Schultz

CAD Training Online was very helpful. The curriculum training was above par compared to other training I have done in the past and the instructor tailored the class to my needs and steered me in the right direction for going forward. I will also compliment them for there prompt response to my request for training just a week prior to my training. I was on a tight schedule and they made it happen.

Randall Schultz
Chelsea GordonRanim ShaarRicardo TorresIrina ScherbJeff SchulteMartin CastellanRandall Schultz
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