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Duration:  24 Hours

Price:  $1125.00

Course Level:  Intermediate


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Revit Architecture - Intermediate




Since building projects themselves tend to be extremely complex, Revit Architecture is a necessarily a complex program.  Revit Architecture is a powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) program that works the way Architects think. From Preliminary Design through Design Development, and into Construction Documents, the program streamlines the design process with a central 3D model. Changes made in one view update across all views and on the printable sheets.



The objective of the Revit Architecture Intermediate course is to enable students who have a basic knowledge of Revit to increase their productivity through additional collaboration tools, advanced design development tools, and advanced construction document tools


Revit Architecture Introductory class or six months of hands on experience with Revit.

Course Outline


Collaboration Tools


4   Project Phasing and Design Options

  • Project Phasing
  • Design Options


4   Groups and Links

  • Using Groups
  • Linking Revit Files
  • Links and Groups
  • Visibility and Graphic Overrides in Linked Views
  • Interference Checking


4   Importing and Exporting

  • Importing Vector Files
  • Modifying Imported Files
  • Importing Raster Image Files
  • Exporting Files
  • Exporting for Energy Analysis (Optional)


4   Project Team Collaboration

  • Introduction to Worksets
  • Opening Workset-Related Projects
  • Working in Workset-Related Projects
  • Setting up Worksets
  • Best Practices for Worksets


Advanced Design Development


4   Advanced Modeling Tools

  • Creating Sloped Floors, Roofs, and Slabs
  • Creating Dormers


4   Curtain Walls

  • Creating Curtain Walls
  • Adding Curtain Grids
  • Creating Curtain Wall Types with Automatic Grids
  • Working with Curtain Wall Panels
  • Attaching Mullions to Curtain Grids

4   Site Design

  • Creating Topographical Surfaces
  • Property Lines and Building Pads
  • Modifying Toposurfaces
  • Annotating Site Plans
  • Site Components
  • Shared Positioning


4   Structural Tools

  • Structural Basics
  • Foundation Plans
  • Framing Plans and Elevations


Advanced Construction Documents


4   Detailing in Revit Architecture

  • Setting Up Detail Views
  • Creating Details
  • Annotating Details
  • Patterning


4   Schedules

  • Creating Schedules
  • Creating Material Takeoff Schedules
  • Adding Parameters and Calculated Values
  • Scheduling Structural Elements


4   Advanced Annotation

  • Keynoting and Keynote Legends
  • Creating Legends
  • Revision Tracking


4   Advanced View Setup

  • View Templates
  • Working with Dependent Views
  • Enhancing Views


Autodesk Authorized Training Center

Our training courses are AIA / CES registered by the
American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Program


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