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Duration:  16 Hours

Price:  $625.00

Course Level:  Advanced


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Revit Architecture - Advanced



This live online hands on class builds on CAD Training Online's Revit Architecture 2010 Introduction and Revit Architecture 2010 Intermediate training guides. This advanced class focuses on Revit Architecture 2010's Preliminary Design and BIM Management features.

The first half of the class covers conceptual design tools including working with mass elements, space planning and area analysis as well as Visualization tools for creating perspectives, walk- throughs, and solar studies. It also includes a chapter on rendering with a focus on setting up lighting for the rendering.

The second half of the class focuses on topics a BIM manager would need to know including customizing templates with annotation styles, titleblocks, objects style and materials as well as creating custom object types (walls, roofs, and floors) and complex families. The concepts and details of creating families is covered step-by-step with a special section on how to create various types of families.


The objective of this class is to enable students who have worked with Revit to expand their knowledge in the areas of Preliminary Design (massing studies, space planning, visualization, and rendering) and BIM Management (setting up Revit and creating custom families).


Before taking this course, students should be comfortable with the fundamentals of Revit as taught in the Revit Architecture Intermediate training class, as well as have a working knowledge of the Revit Architecture Intermediate tools. Knowledge of basic tools is assumed, such as creating walls, roofs, and other objects; copying and moving objects; and creating and working with views.


Course Outline


Conceptual Design


   Massing Studies

  • Overview of Massing Studies
  • Placing Basic Mass Elements
  • Creating Conceptual Massing
  • Setting Work Planes
  • Creating Mass Forms
  • Dynamic Editing for Conceptual Massing
  • From Massing to Building


   Space Planning & Area Analysis

  • Space Planning
  • Area Analysis
  • Creating Color Schemes



  • Perspectives
  • Creating Walkthroughs
  • Solar Studies



  • Basic Rendering
  • Working with Lighting
  • Enhancing Renderings

BIM Management


   Creating Custom Templates

  • Preparing Templates
  • Presetting Annotation Styles
  • Creating Titleblocks
  • Creating Object Styles
  • Materials and Fill Patterns


   Custom Walls, Roofs, & Sections

  • Creating Wall, Roof, and Floor Types
  • Adding Sweeps to Walls, Roofs, and Floors
  • Vertically Stacked Walls
  • Vertically Compound Walls


   Family Concepts & Techniques

  • Introduction to Families
  • Creating the Parametric Framework
  • Creating Family Elements
  • Additional Tools for Families
  • Creating Family Types
  • Adding Family Parameters
  • Visibility Display Settings
  • Overview of Family Creation


   Creating Specific Families

  • Creating Custom Doors and Windows
  • Creating In-Place Families
  • Creating Profiles
  • Creating Angled Cornices and Copings
  • Creating Custom Railings
  • Families for Railings, Balusters, and Panels
  • Adding Custom Posts
  • Creating Annotation Families
  • Working with Shared Parameters
  • Conceptual Mass Families

New tools4revit software

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