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Introduction to MAP 3D


Duration:  24 Hours

Price:  $995.00

Course Level:  Introduction




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My AutoCAD Map 3D training taught by Alex proved to be exactly as advertised. Alex is an excellent instructor. His text and presentation are well thought out with clear instructions for each chapter and exercise. Alex's knowledge of GIS is impressive, yet he was very patient in answering my basic questions. I highly recommend the course as an excellent return on investment. I expect my new skills will change the course my of career in site planning and development. - Steve Scudder, Boy Scouts of America


Introduction to MAP 3D




During this course, you'll learn the core concepts of AutoCAD MAP 3D  and gain comprehensive experience with the features and benefits of AutoCAD MAP 3D. Learn about the features and functions of AutoCAD Map 3D, including how to create, manage, and analyze mapping data. The class guides students through the fundamental and some advanced features of AutoCAD Map 3D.


The objectives of this course are performance based. In other words, once you have completed the

course, you will be able to perform each objective listed. If you are already familiar with AutoCAD Map 3D, you will be able to analyze your existing workflows, and make changes to improve your performance based on the tools and features that you learn and practice in this course.


A working knowledge of the following: AutoCAD and its functions and knowledge of design and drafting concepts dealing with mapping topics and experience with Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows 7.


Course Outline


The exercises in this course have been carefully chosen and designed to represent common tasks that are performed by mapping and GIS professionals. The data included in the exercises are typical drawings and maps used by local governments and municipalities. You work with road networks, parcel maps, sewer collection systems, water distribution systems, aerial photos, raster surfaces, and much more.


Exercises provide higher level process information throughout the exercise tasks. You are given

information about not only what to do, but why you are doing it. Each step in an exercise provides you with all of the information you need to effectively support that step. In most cases, an image is included in each step to help guide you.


AutoCAD Map 3D User Interface

  • Navigating the AutoCAD Map 3D User Interface

Creating Map Geometry

  • Establishing Coordinate Systems in Maps
  • Creating and Inquiring COGO Data
  • Using Drawing Cleanup
  • Working with Attribute Data

Attribute Data Concepts

  • Defining Object Data Tables
  • Attaching Object Data to Objects
  • Editing Object Data and Object Data Tables
  • Attaching External Databases
  • Working with Data View
  • Defining a Link Template and Generating Links
  • Establishing the Dynamic Annotation Environment
  • Inserting and Managing Dynamic Annotation

Object Classification

  • Creating Object Classification Definition Files and Object Classes
  • Classifying Existing Objects and Validating Standards
  • Creating New Classified Objects

Using Raster Images in Maps

  • Preparing your Map for Raster
  • Inserting and Managing Raster Images

Importing and Exporting

  • Importing GIS Formats
  • Exporting GIS Formats


Connecting to Feature Sources

  • Feature Source Concepts
  • Connecting to SDF, and SHP
  • Working with Feature Layers
  • Connecting to Raster and Raster Surfaces
  • Connecting to ODBC Point Feature Sources
  • Working with Survey Data Stores

Stylizing Features

  • Stylizing Lines, Points, and Polygons
  • Stylizing Raster Surfaces
  • Creating Scale Dependent Styles
  • Applying Themes to Feature Layers

Working with Features

  • Creating Feature Filters and Feature Queries
  • Editing Feature Geometry and Attributes
  • Creating Joins
  • Using Constraints
  • Bulk Copy Between Feature Sources

Using Attached Source Drawings

  • Managing Source Drawings

Source Drawing Queries

  • Executing Location and Property Queries
  • Executing Data Queries
  • Altering Properties during Queries
  • Working with Multiple Coordinate Systems
  • Using Save-Back

Working with Topologies

  • Creating Network Topologies
  • Creating Polygon Topologies
  • Performing Topology Analysis

Map Output

  • Creating Map Books

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