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"I recently completed online Revit training with CAD Training Online. Hands down this was the best money I have ever spent!

Rick Feineis is an excellent instructor. He is encouraging and patient, and not only does he have an expert knowledge of Revit, he is also very knowledgeable in the field of interior design.

This course is not distance learning; it is hands on and personalized to what you need. When they say you will receive on-going support after taking the course, they mean it. Rick was only too happy to answer questions and assist me with any issues I had.

As a business owner he was also able to offer me a lot of great business advice too. I started the course with no CAD experience at all and now feel quite proficient. - Carrie Greene

Carrie Greene

I am excited to report that two of my students will be going to TSA Nationals for 3D CAD REVIT, and I accredit the training you gave me in helping the students achieve this.  I also have a group that placed second in Architectural Design for their Tiny House design!  I am very excited for all of them. - Janet Portwood - Pre-Engineering STEM Teacher at Metro Technology Centers

Janet Portwood


"I recently had the pleasure of attending the 24 Hour online ACAD for Fire Protection course which Rick Feineis instructed and I must confess that I am totally satisfied with the learning experience I was offered.

Rick did an outstanding job, making sure to maintain a pace that was commensurate with my abilities, and assuring I had a complete grasp of the material presented before moving on to the next topic. He is very organized in his training courses and even shared some extra information that I found quite useful.

I am anxious to enroll in another course so that I may continue to grow. I would strongly recommend that anybody seeking AutoCAD training reach out to CAD Training Online and start learning for your future! - Mark Skinner

Mark Skinner

Thanks to you I showed one coworker my Revit rendering with my Google Cardboard glasses and ended up in the President's office showing him. They all think I'm a genius & it's because of you!  - Chelsea Gordon

Chelsea Gordon

What a great way to learn AutoCAD...customized to my busy schedule and from the comfort of my own computer! Rick Feineis was a wonderful instructor. He took all of my input on what I needed/wanted to learn, in order to use AutoCAD in my workplace, and put together a very tailored course, just for me. All of the instruction was very well explained and easy to understand. He was very patient and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Rick's AutoCAD instruction to anyone! - Silene Verrall

Silene Verrall

I too endorse Rick Feineis as a premier Revit Mentor. Rick's excellent communication skills, in depth knowledge of the software and his ability to customize teaching sessions to fit my needs went beyond my expectations. Don't waste your time with anyone else! - Dave Viggiano

Dave Viggiano

I was hesitant of having an online training course, but this Revit course I've had with CAD Training Online cleared away all my hesitation and I'm extremely satisfied with this experience. Rick Feineis is a great instructor. He was very helpful and customized the course to fit my schedule and needs. His knowledge and experience in CAD and BIM programs and in training made the course easy, comprehensible and interesting. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Revit remotely. - Ranim Shaar

Ranim Shaar

My name is Willie Coker and I recently took a 24 hour AutoCAD course with Rick Feineis as my instructor. It was great! I learned so much in so little time from Rick. Rick has a gift from God in teaching AutoCAD. Rick was able to teach me AutoCAD specifically in just what I requested in the line of work that I do for living. Right after I designed a fire sprinkler system submitted the plans to two separate plan reviewers and both of the plan reviewers signed off on them approving my fire sprinkler design. That is awesome! Go AutoCAD and Rick! - Willie Coker

After completing AutoCAD training with Rick Feineis a couple of months ago, there was not a moment of doubt to continue with the Revit training. I learned a lot, it was fun and Rick is very skilled, passionate in what he does and a great teacher! Still amazed that thanks to modern technology (and a teacher who is willing to wake up at 6am on a Sunday because of time difference) I was lucky enough to be able to work with such a skilled teacher all the way here in Dubai! - Grace van Beusekom

"Rick Feineis is a real-world oriented IT expert, business consultant and entrepreneur. With his very practical advice, I have realized about many things I need to prioritize in order for me to leverage my potential as a business person and architect. Moreover, his expertise in BIM management has significantly broadened my horizon regarding purpose-built software such as Revit. Looking for a BIM Manager expert to help you to improve your business productivity? Rick Feineis is the best way to go." - Arch. Ricardo Torres, General Manager, AecIS Associates

Dear Interior Designers, forget about AutoCAD and try Revit. Using this program you will save a lot of time and the end result will be great! - Irina Scherb

I would strongly recommend this course to absolutely anyone who is interested in learning the basics of AutoCAD. Even those who have limited computer skills can learn from Rick. All concepts are clearly explained with helpful examples, and Rick makes sure every student understands before moving on to the next topic. Even after the course, Rick makes it easy to ask questions via email or phone and responds quickly. I'm very likely to look into a more advanced course with Rick in the future! - Adam Carroll

Adam Carroll

Extremely satisfied with CAD Training Online, and the live help I received. My instructor was world-class and tailored the AutoCAD Electrical class to meet my company's needs. I would highly recommend this class to my peers. - Sheri Baack

For years I thought that CAD was something I didn't need and couldn't learn but I was wrong, CAD Training Online was exactly what I needed. I not only learned a lot about CAD but I am furthering my education with them going into AutoCAD MEP, REVIT Architectural and REVIT MEP. Rick is a great guy and a great trainer. - Shawn Bayless

Rick Feineis was my instructor during an AutoCAD 2010 training course I recently took. His teaching skills were above and beyond the expectations I had. AutoCAD can be a difficult program to learn in general, but Rick's experience and teaching capabilities made it a comfortable and fun experience. I plan to continue my AutoCAD education utilizing this type of course with Rick as the instructor. I also highly recommend anyone who is interested in AutoCAD to contact him. The instruction and education Rick can provide is absolutely superb. - Cyndy Muys

Cindy Muys

I also learned Revit Architecture through Rick Feineis. He tailored the course to my current knowledge of AutoCAD and 3DSmax. The course covered everything from drafting in Revit, creating a complete 3D project which pulling views for elevations, sections, plans, details and 3D views was extremely simple.Ricks style of training via a remote desktop session allowed me to easily do the course from my hotel room and easily pick up the skills and information I needed. I highly recommend it! - Jeff Schulte

Jeffrey Schulte, Jr. Assoc. AIA

Rick Feineis is a great teacher and trainer of the AutoCAD program. He does a great job at personalizing the program to fit your needs. The class is done through the internet and the program is taught with a class textbook. Rick breaks the book down and teaches the class in a step by step formula. He is fun to work with and also has expert advice on business and internet marketing. - Kristen Dahms

Kristen Dahms

I have tried learning AutoCAD on my own but it was a daunting task and always ended giving up because I got frustrated. Rick made the AutoCAD Online course fun and interesting. After completing the course I can do a lot and because Rick puts so much emphasis on examples I have retained the information.

I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn AutoCAD. -
Greg Salach

This was such valuable training. Rick understands that people learn by repetition. So by completing example after example over and over again, I can now comfortably and confidently use CAD to help my company grow and succeed. - Andrew Conlisk

Andrew Conlisk

As a real estate developer with limited working knowledge of AutoCAD, I was interested in having more input in the design stage of the projects. I had heard about Revit and all it could do, and was a little intimidated knowing the learning curve I would face with AutoCAD alone. As it turned out, taking the online training course in Revit was a great surprise. The program is extremely intuitive, and backed up with the live training offered though CAD Training Online I am now comfortable creating concepts from scratch as well as playing with building designs that were originally drafted in AutoCAD.

Thanks Rick, your knowledge of the software and my industry go hand in hand for a very worthwhile training experience. - Martin Castellan Skyline Incorporated Guelph, ON Canada

Martin Castellan

CAD Training Online was very helpful. The curriculum training was above par compared to other training I have done in the past and the instructor tailored the class to my needs and steered me in the right direction for going forward. I will also compliment them for there prompt response to my request for training just a week prior to my training. I was on a tight schedule and they made it happen. - Randall Schultz, CADD Force

Randall Schultz

Big recommendation to you all. Those who need to learn AutoCAD or Revit etc. Take a class with I have finished my 24 hours of training and I am delighted with how much I have learnt. Rick (the teacher) makes this terrifying/daunting idea of leaning such powerful computer programs fun and easy. It is one to one training where, thanks to Skype and the way he takes control of ones computer to demonstrate, it is like having a teacher sitting right next to you to guide you every step of the way.

I loved this course! I have learned invaluable skills and my teacher made everything comprehensible, logic and easy to use. This is one of the best investments that I have made concerning my career. Thank you! -

Extremely good value for money and I cannot recommend highly enough this fabulous course. And boy, does using software save such huge amounts of time!! - Don't hesitate any longer.... just go for it! -
Hannah Purssell

Rick is an excellent instructor. The material was presented in such a way as to keep you at ease and at the same time focused. Nice blend of humor and education simultaneously.

When I began the course I could not even draw a line by the use of AutoCAD. I now possess a good base starting point within the AutoCAD world. I would highly recommend this or any other course through Rick Feineis and his company. Good job! - Jeff Wirth

I was a little concerned at first with taking an online course but after meeting with Rick online, any concerns I had quickly diminished. Rick was very patient and the fact that he could mirror my screen and show me step by step methods real time was fantastic.

Rick was very thorough and informative. I learned more in the 24 hours then I would have in a very long time trying to learn the program my myself. I would highly recommend and have recommended his course to others. - Scott Devney

Revit for Interior Designers is a course worth taking. I learned so much in such a small amount of time. I am now able to be more productive while also looking more professional for my clients.- Sharri Watt

"This was the best training experience that I have had during my long professional career. The personal attention to my training, questions and methods in the e-learning format was just perfect. This e-training session is head and shoulders above any others, no question, not doubt. My professional abilities have increased geometrically from the level at which I began the Revit Architecture e-training session.  -  Hank Heidt - Facilities Director for the National Center for State Courts


Rick Feneis at CAD Training Online taught to me a one-on-one 32-hour course in the fundamentals of Revit remotely over the internet, on a schedule that was very accommodating to my needs. The study materials he provided were thorough, covering organizing and managing new Revit projects, design, and documentation, and Rick customized the course to account for my experience with CAD and with large design and construction projects. I will recommend the course to my future employers!


"This introductory course was one of the best investments I've made in my career.  I began with a long-held bias toward pencil and paper and a generational fear of computers.  After the first 4 hours with Rick, my eyes were opened to the advantages of working with Revit Architecture as a tool for interior designers.  I am a convert to the new technology and am looking forward to honing my Revit skills." - Pam Pollack - CATBIRD Designs


I have acquired a huge chunk of knowledge from you, I could never thank you more! Your style of teaching worked awesome for me, I liked learning about your experience with the older version of AutoCAD. The short rants of brain damage you inflicted upon yourself dealing with the old ways of CAD made me feel confident and glad the challenges I would endure are nothing to compare.  I also enjoyed the off topic converse, I think that was the best experience for me was taking short breaks getting to know each other and listening to the interesting stories. I wish more teachers would acquire a sense of realism toward learning and that we adults do sometimes have very short attention spans. You can explain to a monkey how to peel the banana correctly or you can throw it at him when he's hungry. Well worth it and great job !...THANK YOU Mr. Feineis! - Mike Saldana


"Our instructor was always on time for all sessions. He makes the learning process go very easy on you. Explanations were clear and the practice sessions on the dot. The practical examples and the step by step walk through is excellent.

I highly recommend CAD Training Online for this course to anyone interested in learning from scratch or to enhance their knowledge in a very productive way."  -  Antonio Yrey


"Rick is a great instructor. He led the class at my pace and tailored it to my needs and specific industry. Many times he used other programs that I would be familiar with, i.e. word, to draw parallels within the AutoCAD program. This enabled me to understand certain concepts much more quickly.

I am confident in my newly acquired skills. Without hesitation I would recommend this method of learning to others in my field and similar fields as a great way to acquire new skills."  -  Megan Meyers


"Rick's focus, knowledge, and great attitude made learning Revit Architecture through his company, CAD Training Online, a joy and extremely easy. He was able to work with my schedule, moving very quickly through the fundamentals of the program but all the while making sure I understood what he was teaching me. He has been a great source of knowledge on not only the program but all aspects of BIM and it's relation to the architecture profession. I very much enjoyed my experience with CAD Training Online and I plan to take further classes from them."  -  Jeffrey Schulte, Jr. - Associate AIA


"Virtual training is a necessity in today's working environment. CAD Training Online allows for teams located across the country to take the same class simultaneously without the cost or burden of traveling. More employees have the opportunity to take a variety of classes and the convenience of flexible class times. They still benefit from student-teacher interaction, as well as interaction among the students. MCS operates in a globally integrated environment that demands this kind of virtual education.  This is why we choose to conduct our training with CAD Training Online." - Scott Justin, Ph.D., MCS, PLC


Juliana was a fantastic instructor.  With her help I was able to understand the concepts to move from AutoCAD to Revit MEP. - Kaleb Oldfield - United Team Mechanical


Rick Feineis at Revit Architecture Training taught to me a one-on-one 32-hour course in the fundamentals of Revit remotely over the internet, on a schedule that was very accommodating to my needs. The study materials he provided were thorough, covering organizing and managing new Revit projects, design, and documentation, and Rick customized the course to account for my experience with CAD and with large design and construction projects. I will recommend the course to my future employers! - Paul De Voe, Architect at Paul A. De Voe Architecture


It was excellent class, best CAD training I've ever had. - Alain Higa, United States Marine Corp MCCS

Great class! I will recommend to colleagues in other agencies.- David Conlee, United States Marine Corp MCCS

Outstanding and very well instructed.
Rick Feineis is an outstanding instructor. - Kurt Ury, United States Marine Corp MCCS


The course ware was detailed and well laid out. It followed a consistent procedural process and was easy to understand. The instructor has the patience of Job. He was well spoken and clear in his description of the software. - Jonathan Brooks


My recent AutoCAD Map 3D tutorial taught by Alex Penney proved to be exactly as advertised. Alex is an excellent instructor. His text and presentation are well thought out with clear instructions for each chapter and exercise. Alex's knowledge of GIS is impressive, yet he was very patient in answering my basic questions. I highly recommend the course as an excellent return on investment. I expect my new skills will change the course my of career in site planning and development. - Steve Scudder - Boy Scouts of America

The instructor makes it very easy to understand, and the learning experience makes you want to sign on to the next course as quickly as possible. - Edwin Orellana

"I would recommend Rick Feineis to anyone who wants to enhance their CAD skills. He is an excellent instructor and is always patient and answers all questions. I learned a great deal from him, he made it easy to understand. - Vincent Vo - AVI-SPL"

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