CAD Training Online now offers

Autodesk Inventor Training in German and

Greek languages

CAD Training Online is glad to announce that it has begun to offer its Autodesk Authorized training in both German and Greek languages. The same world-class live training that has been provided globally for the past five years is now available to designers that are fluent in German and Greek.

Thanks to our Autodesk Certified Instructor Sofia Xanthopoulou, CTO can now cater to thousands of designers in their own native language. Sofia is an elite instructor that also carries the distinction of being an Autodesk ACE. She is one of less than 5 Autodesk ACE Instructors in the world.

I am glad that we can now offer the same training that our English speaking students enjoy to designers in Greece and Germany. This arrangement not only allows for native language classes, it also allows for training on a local time zone as well. This brings the best of everything to designers in all of Europe.


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