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Introduction to

AutoCAD Electrical


Duration:  24 Hours

Price:  $2,495.00

Course Level:  Introduction


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Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical




This course provides an overview of many AutoCAD Electrical utilities designed to enable students to quickly create and manage electrical-controls production drawings.  Students focus on how to build intelligent ladder diagrams and panel layouts, and how to leverage the intelligence built into AutoCAD Electrical.  Hands-on exercises representing real-world design scenarios for the JIC (US) standard are included.



To teach users the basic commands necessary for creating professional electrical-controls drawings with AutoCAD Electrical software.  After completing this class, users will be able to: Navigate the AutoCAD Electrical user interface, Manage projects and the multiple drawing and inter-drawing relationships contained in electrical projects, Insert wires, add wire numbers, manage circuits, and create point-to-point wiring diagrams and drawings, Insert and annotate schematic symbols, edit drawings project wide with commands that are specific to the electrical design environment, Extract information from drawings to create Bill of Material, Wiring, and other reports and create and annotate panel layout drawings with lists of components that are extracted from schematic drawings.



Before attending this class, students should have a working knowledge of the following: A recent version of AutoCAD, Electrical drafting, design, or engineering principles and Microsoft Windows. This training is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 10.


Course Outline


4   Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical

  • What is AutoCAD Electrical
  • Drawing files
  • Electrical Components and Wires
  • Design Methodologies


4   Project Basics

  • Project Files
  • Project Manager Interface
  • Project manager Drawing List


4   Schematics 1 - Single Wires and Components

  • Wires and Ladders
  • Point-to-Point Wiring
  • Wire Numbers and Leaders
  • Source and Destination Signals
  • Parent Child Components


4   Schematics 2 - Multiwire and Circuits

  • Dashed Link Lines
  • 3-Phase Laddes
  • Multiple Wire Bus
  • 3-Phase Components
  • 3-Phase Wire Numbering
  • Cable Markers
  • Fan In/Out
  • Insert Saved Circuits
  • Save Circuits to Icon Menu
  • Circuit Builder


4   Editing Commands

  • Edit Component
  • Project Task List
  • Scoot
  • Move Component
  • Copy Component
  • Align
  • Delete Component
  • Surfer Command
  • Copy Catalog Assignment
  • Copy Installation / Location Code values
  • Attribute Editing Commands


4   Panel Drawings

  • Insert Footprint (Icon Menu and Schematic List)
  • Insert Component
  • Edit Footprint
  • Assign Item Numbers
  • Add Balloons


4   Terminals

  • Insert Terminal Symbols
  • Multiple Level Terminals
  • Insert Jumpers
  • Terminal Strip Editor
  • DIN Rail Command


4   PLC Symbols

  • Insert PLC (Parametric and Full Units)
  • Insert Individual PLC I/O Points
  • PLC Based Taging
  • Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility


4   Point to Point Wiring Drawings

  • Insert Connectors
  • Edit Connectors
  • Insert Splices
  • Insert Multiple Wires
  • Bend Wires


4   Symbol Creation

  • Schematic Symbols
  • Naming Conventions
  • Icon Menu Wizard
  • AutoCAD Electrical Databases
  • Project Database
  • Catalog Database
  • Footprint Lookup Database
  • PLC Database
  • PIN Database
  • Terminal Properties Database


4   Titleblocks

  • Update Titleblocks
  • Titleblock Setup


4   Reporting Tools

  • Create Reports
  • Save to External File
  • Put on Drawing
  • Configure Report Templates
  • Running Automatic Reports
  • Electrical Audit


4   Drawing Update Tools

  • In Project Wide Update / Retag
  • Plot Project
  • Export to Spreadsheet
  • Copy Project
  • Swap / Update Block
  • Mark Drawings
  • Verify Drawings

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