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AutoCAD Electrical



Duration:  24 Hours

Price:  $1,495.00

Course Level:  Intermediate


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AutoCAD Electrical Intermediate



Learn how to customize databases and other reference files to tailor AutoCAD Electrical software to specific projects and company requirements. Also learn how to be more productive by updating title block attributes, generating automatic reports, using PLC I/O modules, managing cables, and using the circuit builder. Hands-on exercises representing real-world design scenarios for the JIC (U.S.) standard are included.



To teach users the customization and productivity enhancing tools available in AutoCAD Electrical to improve electrical project design and management processes.



Before attending this course, users should have completed an Introduction to AutoCAD Electrical course, and have a working knowledge of the following:  A recent version of AutoCAD, Electrical drafting, design, or engineering principles and Microsoft Windows 10, Microsoft Windows 8 or Microsoft Windows XP.


Course Outline


4   Basic Workflow

  • Design Environment
  • Basic Workflow


4   Settings and Configurations

  • Creating Wire Types
  • Using Reference Files
  • Project Properties
  • Setup, Templates, and Configuration

 4   Custom Components

  • Schematic Symbols
  • Icon Menu System
  • Panel Footprints


4   Custom Data

  • Managing Part Catalog Databases
  • Editing the Pin List Database
  • Editing the Terminal Properties Database
  • Updating Title Block Attributes


4  Automation Tools

  • Updating Schematics from Spreadsheets
  • Generating Automatic Reports
  • Adding Wire Data to Footprints
  • Managing Cables
  • One Line Diagrams


4   PLC Modules

  • Using PLC I/O Modules
  • Using the PLC Database File Editor
  • PLC I/O Address-Based Tagging
  • Using the Spreadsheet to PLC I/O Utility

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