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AutoCAD 2017 Update


Duration:  8 hours

Price:  $425.00

Course Level:  Intermediate


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AutoCAD 2017 - Update from AutoCAD 2015




This live online class introduces Intermediate AutoCAD users to AutoCAD's new capabilities including updates to the primary method of selecting command tools, the Ribbon interface, and the new Application Menu. This class also provides an in-depth focus on Annotation tool updates, the new Measure tools, publishing and reference file enhancements and customization updates. The most exciting new feature covered in the course is Parametric tools that can be used on objects and within Dynamic Blocks.



The primary objectives are to learn the new features and functions in AutoCAD 2017.  With an understanding of these tools, you can begin to streamline the design process and become more productive with AutoCAD 2017.


This course assumes familiarity with AutoCAD.  Many of the changes covered in the class are based on features that have appeared in recent releases of AutoCAD, such as annotation scales, workspaces, and InfoCenter. If you are not familiar with the existing features you may need additional background to get up to speed in AutoCAD.


Course Outline


4   Interface and General Enhancements

  • General Interface Enhancements
  • The Application Menu

  • Quick Access Toolbar Enhancements

  • Ribbon Updates

  • Navigation Tools

  • Selection and Visibility Enhancements


4   Command Enhancements

  • Text Updates
  • Dimension Style Enhancements
  • Multileader Enhancements
  • Hatching Updates
  • New Measuring Tools
  • General Command Enhancements


4   Parametric Drawing

  • Working with Constraints
  • Dimensional Constraints
  • Dynamic Blocks and Constraints


4   Output Updates

  • Publishing Enhancements
  • Updates to Reference Files
  • Working with Autodesk Seek


4   Customization Updates

  • Creating Industry-Specific Workspaces
  • Action Recorder Updates
  • Updates to Customizing the User Interface
  • Online Help System

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