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Introduction to

AutoCAD Mechanical

Duration:  32 Hours

Price:  $1,695.00

Course Level:  Introduction



AutoCAD Mechanical Productivity Study
Learn how you can boost your productivity by up to 65 percent. This study compares how much time it takes to complete 10 common tasks in basic AutoCAD versus AutoCAD Mechanical
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AutoCAD or AutoCAD Mechanical? A Productivity Study White Paper (pdf - 1210Kb)


Top 10 Reasons to Move From AutoCAD to AutoCAD Mechanical (pdf - 489Kb)

See why so many designers and drafters are switching to AutoCAD Mechanical to solve their daily design problems.


Introduction to AutoCAD Mechanical




In this instructor led hands-on class, you’ll learn the features, tools, and proper techniques for creating 2D mechanical drawings using AutoCAD® Mechanical . The hands-on exercises, representing real-world design scenarios, teach you how to efficiently create mechanical designs and engineering production drawings.


The primary objective of this class is to teach you the basic skills necessary to become proficient with professional 2D mechanical drawing, design, and drafting using AutoCAD Mechanical.


This class is designed for new users of AutoCAD Mechanical.


Course Outline


4   Getting Started

  • Interacting with the User Interface
  •  Common Drawing Setup

 4   Object Property and Layer Management

  • Property Management
  • Layer Control 

 4   Organizing Drawing Geometry

  • Drawing Creation Workflows and Organization
  • Structuring Data in Drawings
  • Reusing and Editing Structured Data

 4   Tools for Creating Key Geometry

  • Core Design Tools
  • Power Snaps
  • Centerlines
  • Adding Standard Feature Data for Holes and Slots

 4   Tools for Manipulating Geometry

  • Editing Tools
  • Power Commands
  • Associative Hide

 4   Mechanical Part Generators

  • Standard Parts and Springs
  • Chains and Belts
  • Shaft Generator
  • Standard Shaft Parts


4   Creating Drawing Sheets

  • Model Space Views in Layouts
  • Creating Drawing Sheets in Model Space
  • Annotation Views When Using Structure
  • Title Blocks and Drawing Borders

 4   Dimensioning and Annotating Your Drawings

  • Annotation and Annotation Symbols
  • Creating Dimensions
  • Editing Dimensions
  • Hole Charts and Fits Lists
  • Revision Lists

 4   Bill of Materials, Parts Lists, and Balloons

  • Part References
  • Bill of Materials
  • Inserting Parts Lists
  • Ballooning Parts

 4   Design Calculations

  • Design Calculations


4   Leveraging Existing Data

  • DWG and IGES Files
  • Inventor Link

 4   Mechanical Options for the CAD Manager 

  • Configure Layer, Text, and Object Properties
  • Configure the Annotation Tools
  • Configure Component Properties, BOMs, Parts Lists, and Balloons


Our training courses are AIA / CES registered by the
American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Program


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