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AutoCAD for Interior Design

Duration:  24 hours

Price:  Only $1125 for 24 hours of instructor led online training

Course Level:  Introduction

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AIA / CES Revit AutoCAD

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Apple Computer Owners

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This class emphasizes the process of creating interior design projects in AutoCAD,
rather than a series of independent commands and tools.


AutoCAD for Interior Design



Focused around a hotel suite project, AutoCAD for the Interior Designer provides the Interior Design student with a non-intimidating, live tutor led, approach to learning AutoCAD . It accomplishes this by taking students that have no computer design experience from simple commands to complete projects.  This well organized and progressive approach to learning AutoCAD sets this interior design class apart from any other.


Lessons alternate between command descriptions, which are organized by a command set category, and tutorials. This allows students to easily refer back to command descriptions without hunting through a tutorial that introduces commands as it progresses. The emphasis is on the practical use of commands used in the AutoCAD Classic workspace, rather than the multiple (and seldom used) command options.


Multiple tutorials of the hotel suite, which includes floor plan, elevation views, dimensioning, and plotting, provide a practical application of the commands learned in the preceding lessons. Completely dimensioned drawings are provided at the beginning of each tutorial so that the student can complete them without going through the step-by-step process.


The emphasis of this AutoCAD for Interior Design training is on easy to understand descriptions and instructions, allowing the non-technical, artistic, visual learning Interior Design student to quickly get past the fear of using the computer to produce drawings.  The focus is entirely on the use of AutoCAD for the Interior Design field and not simply architectural drawings.

This class is industry proven and relevant interior design homework problems are provided. After completing this class, the student will be able to create all of their 2-D Interior Design work using AutoCAD.


Working knowledge of drafting, design, or architecture design principles. Experience with Microsoft Windows. This training is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows 10.   No prior AutoCAD experience is required.

This is not video training that you simply watch.  This is hands on live training.

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Comprehensive Training Outline


Getting Comfortable with AutoCAD

Setting-up and Intro to Using AutoCAD Units

Commands - Set 1: Drawing Construction - Getting

Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 1

  • Create the basic shell of the suite

Commands - Set 2: Working with Your Drawing

Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 2

  • Create the Bathroom Walls
  • Create the Closet Walls
  • Create the Doors and Windows

Commands - Set 3: Laying-out Your Drawing for Printing

Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 3

  • Create a Layout for Plotting


Commands - Set 4: Re-using and Organizing Your Drawing

Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 4
Placing Furniture/Fixtures on the Floor Plan

  • Adding Blocks to the Drawing
  • Adding Blocks to the Bedroom
  • Adding Blocks to the Bathroom
  • Adding Blocks to the Living Room
  • Creating Layers

Commands - Set 5: Annotating Your Drawing

Hotel Suite Project - Tutorial 5

  • Create an Elevation View
  • Adding Blocks to the Drawing
  • Adding Blocks to the Bedroom Elevation
  • Layout the Drawing
  • Annotating the Drawing

Commands - Set 6: Creating and Editing Schedules

Commands - Set 7: Creating Curves and 2D Rendering

Miscellaneous - Techniques, Commands, and Options

Student Reviews

I loved this course! I have learnt invaluable skills and my teacher made everything comprehensible, logical and easy to use. This is one of the best investments that I have made concerning my career. Thank you! - Hannah Purssell - Hannah Elizabeth Interior Design and Creation

"This was the best training experience that I have had during my long professional career. The personal attention to my training, questions and methods in the e-learning format was just perfect. This e-training session is head and shoulders above any others, no question, not doubt. My professional abilities have increased geometrically from the level at which I began the e-training session.  -  Hank Heidt - Facilities Director for the National Center for State Courts


"This introductory course was one of the best investments I've made in my career. I began with a long-held bias toward pencil and paper and a generational fear of computers. After the first 4 hours with Rick, my eyes were opened to the advantages of working with Revit Architecture as a tool for interior designers. I am a convert to the new technology and am looking forward to honing my Revit skills." - Pam Pollack - CATBIRD Design

"I am confident in my newly acquired skills. Without hesitation I would recommend this method of learning to others in my field and similar fields as a great way to acquire new skills." Megan Meyers, Associate Designer

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